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Flash game "Balance"  2007-04-03

Logic puzzle "Balance" (77 kb): Tricky game of balancing ball. Use the mouse to keep the ball balancing and avoiding the falling spheres.Stay balanced for as long as possible collecting powerups for extra bonuses!

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Flash game "Slope"  2007-04-03

Logic puzzle "Slope" (199 kb): You will play against the computer, taking turns in placing stones on empty board spaces. The first player to have 5 of their stones in a row wins. In slope mode a stone may be placed on top of any existing stone.

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Flash game "Fit the position"  2007-03-26

Logic puzzle "Fit the position" (89 kb): You have to fit the position that you see in front. You can move the figures by clicking a mouse. Try this game!

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Flash game "Troyis"  2007-03-26

Logic puzzle "Troyis" (253 kb): Another interesting logic game. Paint all the white cells on the board as quickly as possible, by way of the chess knight rule. The knight moves L-shape.

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Flash game "Brain drop"  2007-03-20

Logic puzzle "Brain drop" (15 kb): This game is extremely simple but absolutely addictive. Use the left and right arrow buttons to drop the gold ball down to the bottom of the rows without dropping any silver balls.

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Flash game "Rhetundo island"  2007-03-20

Logic puzzle "Rhetundo island" (563 kb): This is one excellent interactive puzzle. You have to guide Johnny Tag the stickman through Rhetundo Island to the exit using all the bag of tricks and things he collects on his way. Just try!

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Flash game "Escape car"  2007-03-12

Logic puzzle "Escape car" (358 kb): The objective of the game is to get out of a car. To do so, you have got to pick up objects. Use them combine them and perform different actions that will help in your quest. Try to do it as quick as possible!

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Flash game "String avoider"  2007-03-12

Logic puzzle "String avoider" (774 kb): Another logic game. You should draw a string and avoid scissors and walls.

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