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Flash game "Unforgiven room"  2007-05-29

Logic puzzle "Unforgiven room" (724 kb): Search around the room finding different items, and just maybe you will be able to escape. Click everywhere and try to find this items. Use your head! You will enjoy this game!

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Flash game "Weight puzzle"  2007-05-29

Logic puzzle "Weight puzzle" (32 kb): Another logic game! There are 12 weights, all equal in weight except for one that is either heavier or lighter, can you identify the odd one out in only 3 weighings with a balance. Try to copе with it!

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Flash game "Circle"  2007-05-08

Logic puzzle "Circle" (3 kb): Just another interesting logic game! Arrange sixteen colored lights so that each two-color pair shown at right appears once, to change the color of the lightbulb, click it with the mouse. Only try!

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Flash game "Save the girl"  2007-05-08

Logic puzzle "Save the girl" (265 kb): Save the girl ! Try to cope with this by doing different actions. Use your brain!

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Flash game "360 Spaceball"  2007-05-06

Logic puzzle 蘸 Spaceball" (368 kb): Bounce the ball into the goal by adjusting the direction of paddles. Every time the the ball hits a wall you lose some points for that level.

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Flash game "Slide 5"  2007-05-06

Logic puzzle "Slide 5" (7 kb): The player and the computer take turns sliding their own pieces into the board. The object of the game is to form a continuous line of five pieces on a row, column, or diagonal.

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Flash game "Get out v2"  2007-04-25

Logic puzzle "Get out v2" (395 kb): The objective of the game is to get out of the apartment. To do so, you have got to pick up objects. Use them combine them and perform different actions that will help in your quest. Try to do it as quick as possible!

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Flash game "The labyrinth"  2007-04-25

Logic puzzle "The labyrinth" (188 kb): Find the exit. Use the arrow keys to quide the character. Try to collect more bounces. Be careful with the walls!

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