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Flash game "Escape library"  2007-09-04

Logic puzzle "Escape library" (466 kb): You are in a library and you have to find items and clues to escape from it. Click everywhere and try to find this items. Use your head! You will enjoy this game!

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Flash game "The pharaohs tomb"  2007-09-04

Logic puzzle "The pharaohs tomb" (384 kb): Collect as much gold as you can. Avoid monsters and traps. Drink healing potions to cure your wounds.and gef out ot the Tomb as fast as you can, but more importantlyalive!

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Flash game "IQ Test"  2007-08-01

Logic puzzle "IQ Test" (172 kb): IQ Test. The time for single task is just 60 seconds. The main aim of this test is to give user of this program ability to evaluate his mental skills in resolving different puzzles.

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Flash game "Obnoxius"  2007-08-01

Logic puzzle "Obnoxius" (369 kb): Drag one of the Obnoxius by mouse from one corner to the other. But be aware of the blocks. They may cut off your way. Later they are going to move, so be careful! 50 levels.

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Flash game "Caixa"  2007-07-11

Logic puzzle "Caixa" (149 kb): Click the colored tiles to cycle through the various color available, match the target color or pattern to win. Rack up points by finishing quickly and keeping the columns from resetting. When the coulumn hits the bottom it resets and cycles its tile to a random color!

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Flash game "Toon Shift"  2007-07-11

Logic puzzle "Toon Shift" (597 kb): Click on the arrow tiles to change workers direction. Your task is to sort them into the correct boxes. You will like this game!

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Flash game "Chain reaction"  2007-06-04

Logic puzzle "Chain reaction" (293 kb): The objective of the game is to get a chain reaction for as long as possible. Molecules will activate each other if their side atoms are connected. Click on a molecule to start the chain reaction.

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Flash game "Domin puzzle"  2007-06-04

Logic puzzle "Domin puzzle" (6 kb): Just another interesting logic game! The goal is to color them so that each domino piece shown at right appears exactly once. Only try!

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