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Flash game "Chatnoir"  2007-11-28

Logic puzzle "Chatnoir" (11 kb): Catch the cat. The rules are simple. You have to make the cat stay in the green circles and don`t let him run away.

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Flash game "Parovozik"  2007-11-28

Logic puzzle "Parovozik" (199 kb): Simple quest. Even children can cope with it. Try to guide the train through the lines and avoid the danger.

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Flash game "Slidingblock"  2007-11-08

Logic puzzle "Slidingblock" (13 kb): Another game for creative thinking. Three puzzles in which it is necessary to remove the red block.

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Flash game "Steppenwolf"  2007-11-08

Logic puzzle "Steppenwolf" (1 579 kb): The X-Creatures project. You guide the characters through an interactive series of action and logic based puzzles. Watch the scenes for valuable clues, collect inventory items to help you overcome obstacles,survive to the end of episode.

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Flash game "Enqbate"  2007-11-01

Logic puzzle "Enqbate" (307 kb): Another interesting logic game. Solve puzzles by filling the protein patterns with the correct number of molecules.

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Flash game "Nodes"  2007-11-01

Logic puzzle "Nodes" (1 282 kb): Just another logic game. Click and drag the nodes, get the laser through all the circles. Try to cope with it!

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Flash game "Defuse the Bomb"  2007-09-25

Logic puzzle "Defuse the Bomb" (360 kb): You are in a room and you have to find items and clues to defuse the bomb and escape the room. Click everywhere and try to find this items. Use your head! You will enjoy this game!

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Flash game "Monkeys and ballons"  2007-09-25

Logic puzzle "Monkeys and ballons" (520 kb): Interesting logic game! Stop the baloons escaping by building towers next to the maze. As you get more money build more towers or upgrade existing ones.

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