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Flash game "Bomb Chain"  2008-05-28

Logic puzzle "Bomb Chain" (309 kb): Another one puzzle. Click a bomb from selectable area, then place it on the grid, clear the stage by setting off one bomb and creating a chain reaction. 40 different levels.

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Flash game "I/O"  2008-05-28

Logic puzzle "I/O" (108 kb): I/O - a simpleandy game. There aren`t any instructions to this puzzle, use your intuition and creative thinking to solve it.

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Flash game "Lilly Hop"  2008-04-24

Logic puzzle "Lilly Hop" (459 kb): Help the chicken pass all the paths over lilly pads. The trick is doing it by only going over each path once. 30 levels.

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Flash game "MuseLock"  2008-04-24

Logic puzzle "MuseLock" (793 kb): You don`t remember anything. You are in some strange place - in a showroom of a museum of the modern arts. You have to escape from here doing some simple actions.

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Flash game "Freenet"  2008-02-20

Logic puzzle "Freenet" (190 kb): By turning blocks with wires and devices, connect all devices to the electricity. No block should be left without power. This isn`t as simple as you think!

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Flash game "Mysterious Rings"  2008-02-20

Logic puzzle "Mysterious Rings" (1 557 kb): Another logic game. Goal : remove all platforms on the level by moving a ring. Arrows to move. Space and arrows to jump over a platform.

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Flash game "Jeu kakuro"  2007-12-19

Logic puzzle "Jeu kakuro" (106 kb): Jeu kakuro puzzle game. Sum on a vertical and horizontals should be the same as in the block.

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Flash game "The Phonebooth"  2007-12-19

Logic puzzle "The Phonebooth" (950 kb): Escape series : The Phonebooth. You should escape from the phonebooth. Hints: click everything and everywhere; some items can be combined and used with the other items.

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