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Flash game "SU puzzle"  2008-09-10

Logic puzzle "SU puzzle" (29 kb): The aim of the game is to connect all 3 houses to the water, electricity and gas suppliers without crossing any lines. It isn`t so simple, as you think! Try to cope with it!

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Flash game "The River"  2008-09-10

Logic puzzle "The River" (437 kb): 3 girls,each with her father, go for a stroll. They come to a small river. One boat, able to carry 2 persons at a time, is at their disposal.Crossing would be simple for everyone except the girls. None is willing to be in the boat or ashore with 1 or 2 strange fathers, unless her own father is present too. How do they all get across?

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Flash game "Bears war"  2008-08-22

Logic puzzle "Bears war" (1 337 kb): You have to help warbears in solving problems of their town. Complete the mission trying to solve the puzzles.

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Flash game "Vector"  2008-08-22

Logic puzzle "Vector" (1 656 kb): The aim of the simulation is to eliminate the Vectoid threat before they reach the end of the path. You do this by constructing towers along the path. Try to gain so much score, as you can!

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Flash game "Peg Solitare"  2008-07-24

Logic puzzle "Peg Solitare" (44 kb): Peg Solitare, the goal of the game is to end the game with one peg left. The rules are the same as in checkers.

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Flash game "Plupon"  2008-07-24

Logic puzzle "Plupon" (288 kb): You see falling balls with numbers on them. Click on 3 of them to make 10 or less than 10.

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Flash game "Duel Sums"  2008-06-05

Logic puzzle "Duel Sums" (651 kb): Another Japanese game. Try to reach the winning score. Beat your opponent by placing or modifying numbers on a board in an attempt to reach a target sum.

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Flash game "Rolling Cubes"  2008-06-05

Logic puzzle "Rolling Cubes" (46 kb): You see a puzzle in front of you. You have to move the blocks from black to white side.

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