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Flash game "Castle Dragonstone"  2009-07-07

Logic puzzle "Castle Dragonstone" (2 708 kb): The game does not contain any manual. A short tutorial explains the basics.

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Flash game "Music Bounce"  2009-07-07

Logic puzzle "Music Bounce" (379 kb): Click on a number gate (pictured left) to release a ball from the gate. The object of the game is to have all of the blocks cleared (even for just a little bit). The trick is to find which gates to open and at what times. Once you find the right configuration, you will clear the level and can move to the next.

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Flash game "Neighbour - game"  2009-04-20

Logic puzzle "Neighbour - game" (1 131 kb): Chuck nasty objects at your warring neighbour.

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Flash game "Training Night."  2009-04-20

Logic puzzle "Training Night." (222 kb): Use your mouse to draw forcefield zones and the arrow keys to reposition the platforms.

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Flash game "Elevator Room Escape"  2009-04-06

Logic puzzle "Elevator Room Escape" (470 kb): While going to your apartment, you are trapped inside the elevator. You will have to escape from the elevator by using the objects accordingly.

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Flash game "Flipit"  2009-04-06

Logic puzzle "Flipit" (226 kb): To complete a level you must make all the tiles in the play area turn white. You can change the colour of a tile by clicking it, but that will flip the 4 adjecent tiles too. Complete 30 levels to win the game.

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Flash game "Dupligon"  2008-11-14

Logic puzzle "Dupligon" (974 kb): You will see a shape in one box. You must remember what it looks like! Then you must redraw the shape in another box. The size and position of the shape you draw don`t matter, only the angles!

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Flash game "Shinju"  2008-11-14

Logic puzzle "Shinju" (273 kb): Find the golden pearl. If you are wrong - the number in the chosen pearl indicates you how many squares away you are from the golden pearl.

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