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Flash game "Milk Deluxe"  2012-01-26

Logic puzzle "Milk Deluxe" (2 166 kb): The aim of the game is to get the block to fall into the square hole at the end of each stage, there are 33 stages to complete

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Flash game "The Endless Tower"  2012-01-26

Logic puzzle "The Endless Tower" (3 386 kb): The Endless Tower

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Flash game "Slicerix"  2012-01-19

Logic puzzle "Slicerix" (1 825 kb): Destroy all red and green blocks by colliding them with blocks of th same color, slice the white blocks with the mouse by click, hold, drag and release

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Flash game "The Space Rolling"  2012-01-19

Logic puzzle "The Space Rolling" (4 975 kb): Point your mouse cursor to aim and click to fire, when 3 or more balls with the same color touch, they will explode, you win when you eliminate all the balls

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Flash game "Move boxes"  2011-12-09

Logic puzzle "Move boxes" (960 kb): Click the left or right button below to move the belowest boxes. Click the up button to move all boxes. Create 3 or more match color boxes. Each stage has certain numbers of boxes you have to destroy before you can continue to the next stage.

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Flash game "Sheep home"  2011-12-09

Logic puzzle "Sheep home" (3 897 kb): Funny game for children, click to select sheep, guide all the sheep to the signpost to complete the level.

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Flash game "Light up"  2011-04-03

Logic puzzle "Light up" (3 250 kb): Your goal in this cool puzzle game with physics based gameplay is to make the transparent bulbs light up. Remove a limited number of bulbs to light up all of the transparent ones.

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Flash game "olor dots"  2011-04-03

Logic puzzle "olor dots" (847 kb): Click on your favorite colored dot and move the mouse to collect same colored dots.

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