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Flash game "Happy pill"  2005-11-01

Logic puzzle "Happy pill" (206 kb): Hit all the faces with the happy pill. But be careful,too much of it causes the end of the game! Happy playing!

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Flash game "Hexxagon"  2005-11-01

Logic puzzle "Hexxagon" (46 kb): Another interesting logic game! In this game you have to make all the pieces your color by moving around. Be smarter then your opponent!

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Flash game "Light on"  2005-11-01

Logic puzzle "Light on" (3 kb): Just another logic game! The objective of this game is to make all pieces yellow to advance to the next level. Only try!

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Flash game "Math square"  2005-11-01

Logic puzzle "Math square" (5 kb): In each square put numbers until the total for the row (if you add up all the numbers) is equal to the value next to the row. Make sure you get the right values in each column and in the diagonal direction too.

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Flash game "Planarity"  2005-11-01

Logic puzzle "Planarity" (7 kb): Another interesting logic game! In this game you have to undo all knots! It is not so simple!

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Flash game "Pub"  2005-11-01

Logic puzzle "Pub" (238 kb): You have to choose a correct drink for a client. Remember - ladies and gentlemens drink only whiskey, others drink beer. Be quick, because you may loose.

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Flash game "Ratsuk"  2005-11-01

Logic puzzle "Ratsuk" (25 kb): Using knight"s moves from chess, you must beat the computer. Less moves better score.If you can"t move, you lose.

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Flash game "Rotation"  2005-11-01

Logic puzzle "Rotation" (115 kb): Funny logic game! Click the cells until all cells have the same color as in the example. You will like it!

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