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Flash game "Blocks"  2005-11-01

Logic puzzle "Blocks" (212 kb): Place similar colored blox together to remove them from the board. You have to remove all the blocks from the level. Many different and interesting levels!

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Flash game "Bowling"  2005-11-01

Logic puzzle "Bowling" (152 kb): This time you have to play bowling. Press GO when you are ready to play and hold it to regulate the power of throw. Have all strikes!

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Flash game "Casse"  2005-11-01

Logic puzzle "Casse" (32 kb): Another interesting logic game! Be clicking on arrows you have to make it as "Solution". Use your brain and you will do it!

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Flash game "Chess"  2005-11-01

Logic puzzle "Chess" (79 kb): Logic game with rules like in the simple chess. Two modes of playing. Beat your opponent!

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Flash game "Comboling"  2005-11-01

Logic puzzle "Comboling" (151 kb): Try to link all the marked fields either gorizontally, vertically or diagonally. Each marked field can only be linked once and one cannot jump over any marked fields.

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Flash game "Crimson room"  2005-11-01

Logic puzzle "Crimson room" (380 kb): Search around the room finding different items, and just maybe you will be able to escape. Click everywhere and try to find this items. Use your head! You will enjoy this game!

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Flash game "Cryptogram"  2005-11-01

Logic puzzle "Cryptogram" (5 kb): One of the biggest problems is that people try to read everything. Most textbooks are not designed to be read cover to cover. It’s not cheating to read selective sections from a textbook, in fact, lecturers recommend it. Be selective about what you read.

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Flash game "Gyroball"  2005-11-01

Logic puzzle "Gyroball" (100 kb): Not logic, but interesting game. You have to put ball in the hole. Be careful!

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