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Flash game "Cyber boxes"  2005-12-07

Logic puzzle "Cyber boxes" (18 kb): Another interesting logic game! By moving a boxes you have to free the white ball. Arrows to move, R to retry this level.

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Flash game "Wuzi chess"  2005-12-07

Logic puzzle "Wuzi chess" (56 kb): Amazing logic game! To win you have to put 5 items in vertical, gorizontal or diagonal line. Be careful!

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Flash game "Canniballs and missionaries"  2005-12-01

Logic puzzle "Canniballs and missionaries" (193 kb): Another logic game! Help the 3 cannibals and the 3 missionaries to move to the other side of the lake. When there is on one side more cannibals than missionaries, they eat them.

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Flash game "Global Player"  2005-12-01

Logic puzzle "Global Player" (134 kb): Run a global freight company. Organize the containers and load them onto the correct method of transport to advance to the next level. Good luck!

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Flash game "Domino"  2005-11-27

Logic puzzle "Domino" (139 kb): Each play is made by adding a bone to an open end of the layout, with like numbers touching. The layout always has two open ends. The two branches are built off the sides of the set, and all doublets are customarily placed crosswise, but this does affect the number of open ends.

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Flash game "Orbox"  2005-11-27

Logic puzzle "Orbox" (77 kb): Another interesting logic game! Put blink item in red item to advance to the next level. You will like it!

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Flash game "Mazerobot"  2005-11-20

Logic puzzle "Mazerobot" (65 kb): Amazing logic game! The doors open with keys, while hammers can break the walls, also you can have a look on the labirynt by taking a note. Many different levels.

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Flash game "Yellow out"  2005-11-20

Logic puzzle "Yellow out" (168 kb): Interesting logic game! You have to move vehicles to make way out for yellow car to advance fot the next level. 60 different levels!

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