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Flash game "Blob wars"  2006-02-08

Logic puzzle "Blob wars" (138 kb): Interesting logic game! Aim: gain control of the board by attacking your opponents blobs and converting to your own. Good luck!

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Flash game "Business Design Technology"  2006-02-08

Logic puzzle "Business Design Technology" (60 kb): Another logic game! Put words in right cells. Use your brain!

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Flash game "Click Drag Type"  2006-01-31

Logic puzzle "Click Drag Type" (372 kb): Click, Drag and Type is your way to the next puzzles. In this game you have to find the solution by yourself. Keep the sound on.

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Flash game "Reversi"  2006-01-31

Logic puzzle "Reversi" (77 kb): Every legal move must be adjacent to and opposite the computer"s stones in such a way that you surround that stone or of stones between two of your stones. Try to play this interesting logic game!

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Flash game "Dots and boxes"  2006-01-18

Logic puzzle "Dots and boxes" (202 kb): You and computer take turns to place a line between to adjacent dots trying to form a box. The one who makes a box must take another turn, the one who makes the most boxes by the time all dots are connected wins. Just try!

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Flash game "Octopus"  2006-01-18

Logic puzzle "Octopus" (86 kb): It is necessary to occupy the most part of a board with the octopuses. If you put more than three octopuses in one cell they start to make copies and occupy the next cells.

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Flash game "8 in the desk"  2005-12-14

Logic puzzle Ŝ in the desk" (72 kb): The purpose of this game - to arrange 8 figures on a board so that any of them did not stand on a straight line or a diagonal with others. You will like it!

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Flash game "Pok-pok"  2005-12-14

Logic puzzle "Pok-pok" (37 kb): Another interesting logic game! You have to put yellow ball on white by clicking a mouse. Just try!

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