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Flash game "Cororo maze"  2006-04-13

Logic puzzle "Cororo maze" (240 kb): Interesting logic game! Be moving the ball with the mouse you have to pick all stars. It is better to do practice before playing.

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Flash game "Frogs"  2006-04-13

Logic puzzle "Frogs" (61 kb): Another logic game. You have to change green and brown frogs places. It is not so simple! Just try!

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Flash game "Sudoku"  2006-04-05

Logic puzzle "Sudoku" (136 kb): Japaneese game. Each row, column and 3x3 sector must contain the numbers from 1 to 9. Only try!

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Flash game "The towers of hanoi"  2006-04-05

Logic puzzle "The towers of hanoi" (45 kb): You have to move the pile to another location. You have to be very smart to play this game. Use your head!

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Flash game "Blob twist"  2006-03-30

Logic puzzle "Blob twist" (105 kb): Another logic game. If you match the pattern and colour shown on the left of the screen the group will be removed

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Flash game "Mastermind"  2006-03-30

Logic puzzle "Mastermind" (77 kb): You have to find the code? Starting from the bottom. Each black circle means that you"ve put a right color on the right spot, each white circle means you"ve put a right color on the wrong spot

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Flash game "Logic matches"  2006-03-23

Logic puzzle "Logic matches" (62 kb): Another interesting logic game. Following are 16 tasks. Solve them correctly and quickly as possible. Good luck!

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Flash game "Xraye"  2006-03-23

Logic puzzle "Xraye" (211 kb): Use the left and right arrow keys to rotate. Turn all the pegs yellow. Hit all pegs to complete the level.

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