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Flash game "Camera mind"  2006-07-17

Logic puzzle "Camera mind" (25 kb): Another interesting game! You should have very good memory to play it. Pick the lastborn circle.

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Flash game "Jail escape"  2006-07-17

Logic puzzle "Jail escape" (97 kb): Another quest where you have to do everything for getting out of the room. This time you are in prison. Be quick!

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Flash game "Bar"  2006-07-10

Logic puzzle "Bar" (19 kb): Place randomly chosen combinations or bars on the stage. You can not place bars over other. Fill horisontal or vertical line, and bars in line will disappear.

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Flash game "Tourist trap"  2006-07-10

Logic puzzle "Tourist trap" (234 kb): You must collect all the gold coins and take both tourist to the next level. You must take both tourists to the blue water block in order to exit the level. You can blow up the white walls using the bombs.(drop bomb - CTRL)

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Flash game "Castle Doom"  2006-06-27

Logic puzzle "Castle Doom" (157 kb): Help the gang and there pets get through each level whilst avoiding obstacles using the necessary objects provided. With your mouse drag the trampolines from the bottom of the screen to where you want them to go.

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Flash game "Fulfillment"  2006-06-27

Logic puzzle "Fulfillment" (33 kb): Just another interesting logac game. Use your head in this puzzle game as you try and fill the square in with all the pieces you"re provided with.

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Flash game "Connect four"  2006-06-20

Logic puzzle "Connect four" (32 kb): Interesting logic game! Try to overcome the computer! Use mouse to put yellow pegs into the play area, you win when four consecutive yellow pegs line up.

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Flash game "Shop"  2006-06-20

Logic puzzle "Shop" (25 kb): Funny game! Try to stop the man which are going to the shop with the fence. Only fence of same color stops the shopper. If they get into the shop it grows.

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