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Flash game "Dice wars"  2006-08-17

Logic puzzle "Dice wars" (96 kb): Strategy game where you have to take over terroritories using dice. You always play purple.

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Flash game "Jade Emperor"  2006-08-17

Logic puzzle "Jade Emperor" (195 kb): Little and addictive puzzle game. Stop the treasures before they hit Emperor, match same type of treasures to destroy them.

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Flash game "Archipelag"  2006-08-09

Logic puzzle "Archipelag" (361 kb): Funny island quest. You have to find the way out from the islands. Try to visit every island and you might find something interesting there.

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Flash game "Counting stars"  2006-08-09

Logic puzzle "Counting stars" (126 kb): You have to count stars that are shown for you for only few srconds. Answer exactly correct and stars are added to your score, you can answer wrong 3 times, get special bonus for 5 exactly correct answers in a row.

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Flash game "Iso 3"  2006-08-03

Logic puzzle "Iso 3" (92 kb): Interesting logic game! Try to collect all gems and to reach the last room at the bottom of the map. Just try!

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Flash game "Shove it"  2006-08-03

Logic puzzle "Shove it" (255 kb): Another puzzle game. You have to puch the block into the right location. Think carefully before doing something.

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Flash game "Armor cube"  2006-07-24

Logic puzzle "Armor cube" (212 kb): Link every pair of colored markers to complete a cube. If you break an existing link reselect the broken link color by clicking on one of the two markers, plug and gaps, black cells are blocked.

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Flash game "Escape"  2006-07-24

Logic puzzle "Escape" (140 kb): You simply attempt to leave different areas by clicking on the right arrows, choosing the wrong arrows will kill you. Good luck!

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