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Flash game "Figure"  2006-09-25

Logic puzzle "Figure" (17 kb): You need to make the same figure as in the picture. To rotate the piece of figure you should click on its corner with an o.

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Flash game "The package"  2006-09-25

Logic puzzle "The package" (221 kb): Another interesting logic game! You are locked in the room and you have fifteen minutes to defuse a bomb. Be careful and quick!

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Flash game "Cryptony"  2006-09-19

Logic puzzle "Cryptony" (250 kb): Amazing game! Use SPACE and ARROWS to put the balls in the correct places.

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Flash game "Hapland 2"  2006-09-19

Logic puzzle "Hapland 2" (677 kb): Another interesting game about Hapland. Click on everything, even that thin pink thing that doesn"t look like it does anything.

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Flash game "Bubble fun"  2006-09-05

Logic puzzle "Bubble fun" (152 kb): When it is your turn, click on a bubble to inflate it a bit .When a bubble is pumped up to the maximum, it will pop, changing the color of the surrounding bubbles.

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Flash game "Mahjohn"  2006-09-05

Logic puzzle "Mahjohn" (81 kb): Another interesting logic game. All you have to do is clear the board as quickly as possible by matching tiles of the same design.

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Flash game "Full board"  2006-08-28

Logic puzzle "Full board" (85 kb): Interesting logic game. First, click on grid to mark your start position, then click mouse to move inside the grid, draw a path moving horizontally and vertically thet passes through each open square.

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Flash game "Hapland"  2006-08-28

Logic puzzle "Hapland" (246 kb): Aim of the game is to light both torches and open that big oil portal, try not to kill too many people in process. Sometimes you have to click more than once, sometimes it"s all about timing, sometimes helpful icons are engraved on the walls.

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