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Flash game "Pearl"  2006-10-30

Logic puzzle "Pearl" (261 kb): The object of the game it to leave the last of pearls for your opponent to take. The pearls are grouped into four rows. You may remove as many pearls as you like from any row.

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Flash game "Wolf sheep cabbage"  2006-10-30

Logic puzzle "Wolf sheep cabbage" (46 kb): Another logic game! You should bring the wolf, the sheep and the cabbage to another shore. Wolves eat sheep, sheep eat cabbage when no man around.

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Flash game "Click drag type 3"  2006-10-23

Logic puzzle "Click drag type 3" (1 609 kb): Another amazing logic game. Three parts of Click drag type in one.Some puzzles require yuor speakers to be on

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Flash game "Q-logic"  2006-10-23

Logic puzzle "Q-logic" (45 kb): Another simple logic game. You should visit all cells, to do this use arrows.

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Flash game "Domino effect"  2006-10-16

Logic puzzle "Domino effect" (431 kb): Domino effect. Select the domino that will knock down all the rest. Try to do it quicker.

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Flash game "Warthog launch"  2006-10-16

Logic puzzle "Warthog launch" (199 kb): The object of the game is to use granades to launch your warthog vehicle up in the air and destroy the enemies floating above, position your warthog vehicle then place the appropriate amount of granades in the right position and launch. Click on and drag the controls at the bottom of the screen.

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Flash game "Lines 2"  2006-10-11

Logic puzzle "Lines 2" (35 kb): Easy but interesting logic game. The purpose of game - to put balls of one colour in a line (on a vertical, horizontal or diagonal).

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Flash game "Room 3"  2006-10-11

Logic puzzle "Room 3" (513 kb): Episode 3 is the latest episode in the puzzled series... Use the mouse to interact. Press SPASE to put an item away. You need to get out ot the room.

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