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Flash game "Multitask"  2006-12-04

Logic puzzle "Multitask" (724 kb): The goal is to challenge yourself in the workplace and achieve a nice salary increase, moving on the next level. Click on the object while pressing on the corresponding number on key pad.

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Flash game "Ninja game"  2006-12-04

Logic puzzle "Ninja game" (371 kb): Amazing game! Like all ninjas, you have an unquenchable thirst for gold, a natural propensity fro exploring rooms infected by increasingly lethal ninja-killing robots.

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Flash game "Draw play"  2006-11-28

Logic puzzle "Draw play" (314 kb): Get to the flag. Arrow Keys to move and jump, click and hold dovn the mouse button to draw your level. Good luck!

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Flash game "Unlock"  2006-11-28

Logic puzzle "Unlock" (87 kb): You must unlock the secrets of each stage to advance to the next. To do this you have to try different combinations and actions.

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Flash game "Rings"  2006-11-20

Logic puzzle "Rings" (496 kb): Drag rings around the board to make complete ring sets. Rings must be placed on top of larger rings, or in empty cell.

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Flash game "Sheriff tripeaks"  2006-11-20

Logic puzzle "Sheriff tripeaks" (264 kb): Another logic game. This tame with cards. Sheriff tripeaks.

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Flash game "Game cube"  2006-11-03

Logic puzzle "Game cube" (7 kb): Another amazing logic game! To clear a game field - click a moust on cubes of one color together.

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Flash game "Hapland 3"  2006-11-03

Logic puzzle "Hapland 3" (1 083 kb): If you got stuck, look for the extra things to click on. You can often still do things while stuff is happening. The author says - walkthroughs are for losers.

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